Extension Customisation

Every business is different. You can have some special needs and want to customise our extension. Maybe you have an ideea and you want the extension to behave slightly different than the default way. Or you have some OCMOD/VQMOD modifications that changed the normal way of doing things for a certain OpenCart feature and you need to integrate the extension in that new flow or to fix some conflicts/incompatibility issues.

The same for a custom theme that works different compared to the default one. Or you just need to integrate our extension with other extensions or modifications that you already have installed in your store. This are just a few cases where you can need our help.

Custom Development

Do you want to start an OpenCart store from scratch? Or you have just some custom work like extension modification, theme adjustment or integration an external API with your store?

With more than 6 years in OpenCart, our experienced OpenCart developers can handle any kind of projects from small to enterprise.
By hiring us you will get a team of highly-qualified professionals who aims client satisfaction.

Ask us for a free quote and a free estimate of your project.